DR Series – Double Row

AngryMoose Double Row lights are available in a broad range of variants, from cube to 50 inch lightbar:

  • DR-series: Double Row
  • DR1-series: Double Row Tough. Stainless steel extra tough mounting points for your lights
  • DRH-series: Hybrid, a combination of 3 and 10 watt LED bulbs, giving you the ultimate in beam and output
  • DRC-series: Curved, widening the light output with the DRC series
  • DRAW-series: All Weather, ideal in snow, fog or rain conditions this light gives you an amber, a white or a combined beam
  • DRR-series: Radiance, the backlight LED lightbar
  • DRIR-series: Infra Red for the hunters and authorities
  • DRDIM-series: The light with low beam, normal beam and high beam